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Camping in the Woods


After growing up in Saint Louis, MO - we left. We left with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and to experience the “great outdoors.” After a ton of experience guiding, instructing, and rambling out East and West, somehow we ended up right where we started - realizing there was more opportunity for outdoor adventure here in the midwest than we ever knew. Nestled in Arcadia Valley, we saw the epicenter of biking, hiking, climbing, and enough river floating to last a lifetime.

So, we found this plot of land on the backside of Shepherd Mountain and said - “this is it.” A space to connect people all over the midwest with the outdoor adventure we previously thought only existed in the Rockies or Smoky mountains. 

Enter Arcadia Valley Outdoors (AVO). A campground that leans into the “primitive” side of things, providing a unique camping experience you might stumble on after hiking through the Appalachian Trail for a few days. A campground that provides enough space in between each campsite to give you the solitude you desire - while also having a communal space where adventurers can come play cornhole, listen to music, and truly connect with others without their cell phones. 

While that’s great and all, we still wanted to empower those who had the itch but a lack of outdoor skill. That’s why we will offer outdoor skill development courses for people of all ages, abilities, and experience levels. 

As adventure sports enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the value of taking care of our bodies and minds. In the future, we want to put a “primitive wellness” area on our grounds. After we get done adventuring for the day, we want to take care of ourselves and relax down in style. That's why we'll be including a wood-burning sauna, ice baths, and simple rehab equipment for those hard days on the trail.

We wanted to create the campground that "WE" would want to stay at, with the accommodations other adventure enthusiasts would enjoy.

We have big dreams for this place, and tons of unique accommodations we're excited to offer in the future. This project is being built from the ground up - with your patience and support, we're confident in the near future it'll be the most unique campground you've ever seen. 

With gratitude, 

-Jackson and Mike

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